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Nearby Hotels

Hotel Name Website  Rating  Hotel Photo  Distance from venue
Casa del Rio Melaka  5-star
 3.7 km
Hotel Equatorial Melaka  4-star
 1.6 km
Hatten Hotel Melaka  4-star
 1.4 km
Hotel Novotel Melaka  4-star
 1.1 km
Mahkota Hotel Melaka  4-star
 0.8 km
Quayside Hotel  3-star
 2.9 km
Fenix Inn  2-star
 1.2 km
De Mawardah Hotel  2-star
 0.6 km
M International Inn     1-star    
 1.0 km
Participants may further look for the online hotel booking list to meet your convenience. Some suggestions of hotel booking sites as follows: