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Mobile-Based Augmented Reality Development Workshop

This course focuses on the fundamental concepts and hands-on Augmented Reality (AR) technology (overlays virtual content on real world) for mobile applications. It will discuss the fundamental principle of AR and its development in mobile application, and then gives insight to AR tools or libraries available for mobile application to solve the common technical issues and problems. Numerous existing AR projects and examples will be demonstrated to support the discussed theory.


This course consists of both lecture and hands-on sessions. Each lecture session will be concluded with the hands-on session where participants will be able to apply the theories learned in the lecture session.


Technical Requirements

Participants need to bring their own laptop (Windows 8 or Mac OS X 10.9 recommended) with a minimum Intel i5 or AMD A8 processor and 4GB random access memory (RAM), and smartphone or tablet. To avoid unnecessary problems, participants are encouraged to install Java Development Kit (JDK), Android SDK and Unity 5 before attending the course. We will also provide the software installation file during the session.

Knowledge Requirement 

Participants need to have basic knowledge in programming.