Copyright Form and Camera Ready Instructions

Springer Copyright Form

1) Please print out, fill up, sign, scan and upload the Copyright Form before uploading the camera-ready manuscript. Digital signature cannot be accepted for the Copyright Form. The Copyright Form can be downloaded here.


It can be found at the conference submission site in EDAS by clicking the copyright symbol in the list of 'My papers' as follows:

And download the 'copyright file'.

2) Fill up the form, sign, scan and upload it back by clicking 'Choose File'. Finally click the 'Record copyright'. A sample of how to fill in the form can be found here.


Title of the Book or Conference Name: AsiaSim 2017

Volume Editor(s): (Leave it blank)

Uploading the Camera Ready manuscript

1) For the camera-ready manuscript, please follow the required paper format exactly to prevent publication delay. The format is similar with the one that you used when submitting the paper for review, which can be found here.

2) For the camera-ready manuscript, authors need to zip/rar the source file (Word or Latex files) AND the PDF file of the manuscript before uploading the zipped files in EDAS. It is suggested to name your zip/rar file according to your paper ID, e.g. ''

3) Under list of 'My papers' in EDAS, click the upload button as follows:

and  you will be redirected to the following interface:

Choose your zip file and finally upload the file.